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Don't you love it when.... (Rant)

February 5th, 2010 at 05:22 pm

You put something on Craigslist forsale and get 5 respsonses in half an hour.

Person 1- E-mailed, I replied, She called, We discussed she would come by at 5 no show send e-mail at 5:30 and she replies she is running late. At 6:15 no respsonse as to her timing. 6:45 again try to contact her. 7 oclock go to the next person and they say they will be over in 45 minutes. Tell person one that item has sold, Person 1 gets all mad that I put off 2 hours of my plans to wait and went to the next person, seems to have forgotten that we discussed her coming at 5 and its my fualt. Also starts yelling at me in e-mail saying I upset her son and its not right that I went to the next person.

Some people, sorry had to rant.


6 Responses to “Don't you love it when.... (Rant)”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Oh man, I agree with you! I often list on freecycle and people are absolutely rude if you repost after 3 days when they haven't picked up but said they would. Drives me crazy. Good luck!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Ugh! I understand your frustration. I don't usually have people lining up for my stuff. I do insist on an exact time before giving out my address. However, things come up and people are late. I suppose you could have given the first person a warning that you were going to the next reply to try to sell. She may have rushed right over!

  3. craigthor Says:

    I did give her a warning I was going to the next person. Plus the 1.5 hours I tried to contact her where she wouldn't respond. But as soon as I told her I moved to the next person I ahd a response in les than 2 minutes. Made sure she understood it was fisrt come fisrt serve in the very first e-mail as I had so many all at once.

    Now the good news is I'm $35 richer!

  4. whitestripe Says:

    bah. she obviously didn't want it that much, otehrwise she would have been over at 5 when she first said she would!

  5. creditcardfree Says:

    Congrats on getting your item sold! It is nice when things go so fast. Could be that woman was just messing with you...I seem to get initial responses, but no follow up. I often think it is people just messing around. Frustrating.

  6. craigthor Says:

    Just a slight update. The buyer called me last night after I shut my ringer off and also e-mailed me. Guess he is having problems with the hard drive. He is a computer guy so I made him the following offer:

    Full refund - I will then check it out myself and list it on ebay as is and list what ever problems I find.

    Refund him $20 of the $35 and he can keep it for parts, I know he has a similar one as we were discussing it last night that he had one other like this one.

    Going to call him in an hour if I haven't heard back from him, hate to bother someone too early on a Saturday morning.

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