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Winterizing the vehicles...

October 17th, 2009 at 07:41 am

Well this was an expensive spending week on the vehicles. All planned mostly but not completely. $900 later both vehicles are ready to run for much longer.

Wifes car- Originial qoute $420.00 final bill $345

The wifes car got a transmission tune up, oil change, radiator flush and fill, swerpentine belt replacement. Also the parts came in $100 under cost but he found a broken sway bar link and replaced it as it needed done $17 and parts were much less then expected. Her car runs better than when we bought it last year.

My Truck- Original qoute $179 final bill $550!

My truck got a manual transmission tune up, oil change, coolant flush and fill, adjust e-brake (more on this), fixed exhaust. Well everything went smoothly except the e-brake adjustment turned into a full rebuild of my back breaks. Never heard and moise from them but after a call and the rear breaks were metal on metal and the reason my brakes didn't work. $300 in parts and extra labor, mostly all parts as everything had to be replaced, he said its been this way for some time and may have been this way before I bought the truck late last year. Oh well atleast its all done. Truck is quiet, stops well, and the e-brake works wonders.

I still have to replace my windshield but that will have to wait as the brakes spent up the maintence budget this month plus a bit extra. The entire exhaust on my truck will need replaced next spring or early summer to a tune of $400 but the mehcanic said it would be fine till then and maybe abit longer.

We also got 5% off parts and Labor for both vehicles which was great. Having a great mechanic that is willing to look ahead at upcoming stuff to consider is priceless.

Well off to go collect this months Angel Food Ministries packages.


3 Responses to “Winterizing the vehicles...”

  1. homebody Says:

    Good job! We just put new tires on the 1999 Camry (my car).

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Good to have them done though, even though the pocket book hurts for awhile!

  3. Jerry Says:

    You did great with your wife's car, at least! Still, anyone living in an area with real winters needs to winterize before the weather hits, for safety reasons. We have moved overseas for a while, and sold our cars to save on gas and insurance before we left, but your story leads me to recall the last winter before we left... my wife's car was more expensive that year, and mine was next to nothing. It all evens out!

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