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Back to start again in 2010.

January 9th, 2010 at 10:58 am

Well last year was a whirl wind of a year. Have a baby now almost 7 months old. Wife got laid off from work 6 months ago and I've also been laid off.

Probably not going to be doing much saving for the next few months but trying to sneak some in. Christmas was great and a bit spendy as I splurged on the wife. I got her a new Sony Handycam 650, she loves to take lots of video of the little one.

We've got $1000 in cash stashed away at home for emergencies. $500 in the savings account if we need it. Unemployment between the 2 of us covers teh bills and most of the necessities. I do have a couple of small credit cards to pay off that I'm hoping to get most of taken care of this month.

First Premier #1 $300

First Premier #2 $350

First National $180

Dell $1300

Hoping to knock out the 3 smaller ones this month and hopefully the Dell one over the following 2 months.


6 Responses to “Back to start again in 2010.”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like you are doing okay if you can pay off debt while unemployed! I hope you both find employment soon.

  2. tightwad kitty Says:

    It can be a burden to have small debts on too many Credit Cards when you are unemployed, even if you donít get them paid as quickly as you like just aim to snowball these debts until they are paid off in full. Just donít put anything else on them if you can help it.

  3. Craigthor Says:

    I agree, until last month when I got layed off I've always paid them in full each month. After getting layed off I made sure the house was take care of first and then put extra towards the cards. First month I will have to pay interest in a long time.

  4. fern Says:

    How do your job prospects look like out in Iowa?

  5. Craigthor Says:

    Mine is only temporary. We were waitign for work to become ready now we are waiting for the temps to come back. I work construction (brick layer) so finding work doing what I do or a similar job that pays even close to what I make is hard to do. I figured I would have to find a full time 40 hour job paying atleast $15 hr to cover what I get in unemployment benefits by the time taxes are taken out.

    The wife is a massage therapist with lots of specialized training but trying to sell that around here where there are 3 places that offer 45 hr walk in fluff and buff massages is hard to do. She would like to move elsewhere but its been tuff as we both would need to find consistant work.


  6. Jerry Says:

    Sorry to read about the layoffs, that can really lead to some strain and stress for a family. At least you have the insurance that your unemployment covers the necessities! I hope things pick up for you soon...

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