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New month and not so good news...

February 1st, 2010 at 03:33 pm

Well it's a new month, not sure where last month went but oh well. Got some good news, got the taxes done and it will allow us to be completely debt free other then the wifes student loan, and general living expenses. Plus it will give us a small amount of cash on hand. Now the bad is I got a text from my boss today saying he probably won't bring me back as he doesn't have alot of work and is bringing his over paid buddies to do the work for him. I put 2 years in to help him get started and to get him making some money. Never got a raise or any bonuses. Last year he hired a buddy of his for $1 less an hour then me. I do atleast 50% more work and better quality then his buddy but I guess that's what I get. I put in for an extension on my unemployment and hope it goes through. That will give me 4 months to find a decent paying job if one exists or atleast a full time and another part time job to make ends meet.

Atleast we will be debt free for the most part and I will have some cash on hand if needed. It has been nice to be home with the little one during his 1st year but I am going stir crazy from not working. My unemployment is considered temporary so I don't have to go look for a job but am now going to have to start by the looks of things. I ahve contacted my previous boss as I left of good terms and he said give him a few weeks to see what he can come up with work wise.

I've started to go through all my hobbies again to see what I do and don't need. Even if it is stuff I use I will probably start selling some of it as family comes first.


3 Responses to “New month and not so good news...”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    Good luck - atleast you are looking at it in a positive way, that you can be home with your child more often! Smile
    I am sure that your boss will probably realise what a mistake he is making and what an asset you were to him, when he finds that he has to do a lot more work himself. Often with people like that, it is the only way to make them see! Sometimes people don't realise what a good worker they have until they're gone.

  2. craigthor Says:

    Funny thing was today he was sitting in his truck talking on his phone while the other 2 worked. He loves to not have to do anything but now he's going to have to double check everything they do. My brother had called me to see if I was working as he saw his truck at the job site when my brother drove by.

    The boss was also complaining all last year about the amount and qualtiy of work his buddy did to me, almost daily. But I was the first to get laid off.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck finding work. Can you provide handy man services? Put a listing on craigslist or the grocery store bulletin board? I don't know if you have the tools, but it could be a way to get a little side income.

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