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Weekend updates and other news.

February 6th, 2010 at 06:50 am

Well we got our State Refund ($933) in the bank, was deposisted last night. This is great as we were going to be short on money this week. Well, not really, I didn't want to have to touch the cash we have at home.

Last week I signed up for a Salsa class at a new dance company in town, only way to help them stay is to support our local arts. Cost was $60 for 8 weeks of class with a good instructor. In return the Dance Company gave me a $10 gift card to a local coffee shop, as a thank you for helping support there buisness. Just returned with a 20oz Psuedo Carmel Machiatto with soy and extra espresso. Not something I would buy but as I had the card it didn't cost me anything out of pocket. I still have $4.00 left to spend there.

Started listing items on craigslist, what ever doesn't sell within the week will go to Ebay just to get it sold.

I did sell off a bunch of my Ice fishing gear this week. $900 cash in my pocket - although less then I paid I got my enjoyment and the funds can be used more so then the gear. Listed a couple more items from fishing on Ebay and current price is at $202.50 with a reserve of $425. 7 bids and 8 watchers with 5 days to go.

Next week I should also receive our federal return and will pay off the remaining small balances on the credit cards only about $1500 or so remains between everything. Only debt we will have left is the wifes student loans of about 5k but hte interest is super low so not in a huge rush to pay them down that fast.

Also I really need to update my sidebar it is so out of date.

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  1. homebody Says:

    Good luck finding work.

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