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Small spending and other ramblings....

February 7th, 2010 at 06:05 am

Well I think I'm coming down wiht a small cold. Been stuffed up for the last couple of days. Doubt it will turn to anything else just hate having to think about taking cold meds for my sinus'.

Spent a little bit yesterday as we had a birhtday party to attend for some friends of your. A huge shin dig. we didn't stay long as we brought the little one and he was ready to sleep after we got there, but with all the people wasn't going to happen there. Made a Non dairy dip that went over well seemed to disappear super fast. Toffutis Sour Supreme (sour cream replacement), Chiftons Corn Relish from the wine store, some left over black beans. Put it all into the large dish and stir together. Super easy and not to expensive. Also purchased a nice chocolate bar for each of the birthday ladies (was a mother and daughter born 2 days apart)

Cost of yesterday:

Tofutis Sour Supreme $2.59- $2.00 off coupon at the store $0.59 final cost

Vosges Chocolate bars x3 ( I bought one for myself should last all week or more) $6.59 ea $19.77

Chiftons Corn Relish $6.99

Total Spent was $27.35

Will need gas in both vehicles today. Atleast gas has come down to $2.48 or about $0.05 cheaper per gallon then last time I filled up.

I did pay all the house hold bills yesterday. Once the federal return comes in I will pay off the last couple of balances on the CCs.

On the Craiglist side of things I have someoen coming to look at my topper form my truck, I've been trying to sell it since last year but couldn't even get interest in it. Decided to list it one more time and found a guy that wants to come look at it this morning. Asking $100 but would take $20 just to have it gone from my garage and have the space back. I had been offering it for free last summer and no one wanted it.

My item on Ebay is at $305 wiht 4 days left to go the reserve is set at $425 but I may lower it so I can get the item sold but will wait a couple of days to do that.


3 Responses to “Small spending and other ramblings....”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I bet you will sell that truck topper! I had a similar experience with a couch. I tried one last time and had a quick $100 sale with someone who was VERY happy.

  2. craigthor Says:

    Well I did get the Topper sold $50 in my pocket!

  3. patientsaver Says:

    That gives me hope! While I've sold some stuff easily, there are a number of other items that spurred no interest, to my surprise. I guess I could try again. Too bad those posts are only good for a week.

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