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Had some fun and put some items on Ebay!

February 8th, 2010 at 03:12 pm

Well a neighbor buddy and I took a trip down to the casino today. Didn't win anything but didn't spend mroe then I intended so it was great fun. Haven't had any guys time out in some time 3-4 months so it was well deserved.

Cost for today:

Breakfast at the casino buffet -$9.36
Slot machine fun -$80.00
Gas money for driving +$10.00 (this cover gas down and back both!)

So all in all I padded the casino with $80.00 but it was fun. Some machines paid out well and some were more money hungry. Not something I would usually do but I needed a bit of fun and with all the snow had a hard time doing anything else.

Stopped at the mall on the way back and walked around for an hour or so, good exercise.

Listed 2 more items on ebay today, I have 2 more I want to list but being nice artwork not sure if I would get anything even close to what we paid out of them, they are a matched set and we paid $232 each piece. Had them on Craigslst several times but no interest locally and would really like them gone.

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