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Been away for awhile...

March 15th, 2009 at 07:57 am

Boy has it ben awhile since I posted. I will admit I haven't even really been perusing here since mid December.

I'll need to update my sidebar as it is completely off at this point. I was laid off for just over 3 months so the saving has mostly been drained.

To catch myself and everyone up with whats been going on. I just got back to work although it is quite slow yet and the cold flashes coming and going aren't making that any better.

My Wife who is now 6 months pregenant has been reducing her hours as she is a massage therapist and can't be on her feet as much. She is also switching to become and Indepent Contractor and work locally. Her new place is 5 minutes from the apartment versus an hour commute to the town south of us. She will make about the same but be working less hours.

We need to save as much as possible right now as she is planning on taking 10 weeks off once baby comes. If not I will work extra hours or get a second job flipping burgers or something.

I've joined the gym it is only $30 a month and when it is rainy and 35 outside is great. I can also discontinue my membership at this place with a 30 day written notice no long term contracts.

Got all the bills as low as I can go for Utilities and such.

Rent $720
Gas N/A
Electric $85
Buisness Phone Line and Internet $79
Cell Phones (I travel alot during the day and we use these for most calls, I also use my for e-mail access at work) $135
Full Coverage Car and Renters Insurance $99
Wifes Student Loan $84

Those are the main bills. I have my wifes car to renew this month $35. Best part about the wife working close to home we will save atleast 1 tank of gas a week as she was using 2 with her commute.

Also the cell phones, buisness line are written off with our taxes at the end of the year.

Groceries are still our highest cost. We eat well and very little prepackaged/ frozen food or entrees. We eat alot of fresh vegetables and fruits along with rices. We use Ezekiel bread and Organic Milk. We buy our cheeses in block form and slice or shred as needed. We eat some meat mostly venison right now as its free. I love fish as we used to eat Tuna, Salmon, Perch, etc several times a week but have cut way back due to the Mercury and the pregnancy. We do eat some chicken but not a ton of it.

I've been eating out my lunches but should start taking my own again. Just hard to sit in the truck and eat when its really cold outside.

We have some money in savings but only about $600 or so right now. Having had to dip into it as unemployment isn't great in IA atleast at my pay scale.

On a side note is that I have been selling plants out of my aquarium and even though I'm not making much every little bit helps. I will also be entering it in April in our local clubs spring show. Cash prizes this year.

Now its time to get caught up reading on the Blogs here.