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Some great new so far...

September 29th, 2009 at 04:10 pm

Well we got a letter from the judge in charge of the wifes unemployment hearing and she is being granted her benefits. It found that way due to the former boss changing my wifes contract with out being clear on the details of the change. Her old boss has 15 days from today to appeal the judges decision. Hope for hte best as she would be grabbing at thin air at this point if she appeals.

The funds hit the bank from my paypal transfer. I'm considering listing a tandem bike carrier we have on E-bay as I would like it gone and let it see some good use.

I've sent off $450 towards the money owed to my grandparents and leave us with $900 left to pay out of $1500 that I borrowed in August. I was slow at work and the wife hadn't started getting her unemployment yet and bills had to be paid. I could pay this debt in full but a few things need to be done to both of our vehicles and I want a small cushion for the what ifs that seem to come up.

The lady hasn't come to get the light we listed. she contacted me last night and said she would be over this evening but I'm not holding my breath.

I will pay the cards of in October as the charges were just incurred as I had paid the cards off in full last month.

Feels great to be almost debt free but the wifes student loans, my next project to tackle as we free up some more income.


Boy have things changed!

September 27th, 2009 at 03:53 pm

Well I've been back reading but not posting shame on me. Been alot of changes in my life. Earlier this year after getting back on track I went on a huge buying spree for about 6 months. I've figured out my spending is based on stress levels. The more stressed I get the more I spend and on goes the circle.

I'm now a proud father of a new son born on 6-10-2009. My wife was let go as an independent contractor 4 weeks into her unpaid maternity leave. She is getting unemployment but it has been a nightmare as her boss has contested it, state found in my wifes favor and now she has another appeal to deal with tomorrow am that has been postponed twice. Hope we get to keep it or we have to start paying it all back in. some $2500 worth.

I've spent almost as much time working this year as being layed off as I just got back from another 3.5 week stint of unemployment. I hope the construction trade starts to pick up again. I've been considering picking up a part time job about 20 hours a week to supplement my income and to help the wife not have to go back to work.

We've been downsizing our materialistic items and everything else not needed. I did splurge and purchase a Janome Serger for my wife as she has been making 90% of the baby clothes, all the diapers and diaper covers, etc. It was an invesment but got it for $400 new online versus $700 locally.

Someone keep me on my toes so I keep posting and saving.

PS just sold some more items on craigslist so I will have another $25 for cash on hand and a few more bucks from some spare aquarium stuff laying around will bring in $60 for the bank account.