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Frugal Birthday evening.

October 1st, 2009 at 10:33 am

Well yesterday was my birthday and the wife kept it frugal. She made me Beef and Barley soup. We get the mix at the Amish store about 45 min away. Super cheap and just add beef. Scallop Potates we had in the cupboard and some peanut butter chocolate chip oat bars. We then went out dancing for abit at the local Wednesday night Salsa joint while the MIL baby sat the little one. This was our first outing since he has been home that he didn't go along on.

Total Cost $4.50 for a drink at the club that turned out to be the worst Margarita I have ever tasted, didn't end up finishing it. All in all it was a blast to get out for a short date.

Rainy here today and cold so I got off early.

Will be running to Aldi's to get soem groceries as we haven't gotten anything and we are out of bread. We shop about every 1.5 weeks for milk, bread, eggs, etc. Our deep freeze is getting empty but that is good as I want to defrost it before winter arrives. We can then cook another large batch of food and stock our freezer back up.

All in all things are looking up.


7 Responses to “Frugal Birthday evening.”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Happy belated Birthday to you!!

    Sounds like a nice balanced evening that was good for the soul & wallet both!

  2. miz pat Says:

    Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a very nice time.

  3. Ima saver Says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Happy Birthday! That soup sounds fabulous. I hope the rain doesn't hinder your ability to work tomorrow.

  5. craigthor Says:

    Thanks all. I have indoor worked lined up for tomorrow so it can rain all it wants. We prepped for the materials to come later today and will be working tomorrow rain or shine.


  6. Jerry Says:

    Yeah, happy birthday! It's nice to get out for a frugal night away, even if the beverage wasn't up to snuff it still leads to good memories. I like the deep freezer idea - we are looking at getting one so that we can have some insurance of berries and fruits this winter...

  7. craigthor Says:

    Thanks, we take and prep around 40-50 meals every 2 months or so. I make some of the following and split it up into 2-3 person servings as the wife will eat hte left overs the next day for lunch while I'm at work.

    5lbs taco meat split into 1lb servings
    Lasagna split into 4-6 Dishes
    Tuna Casserole split into 4-6 dishes
    Hamburger Casserole only a couple dihses
    Chicken and wild rice couple dishes
    Various meats - Steak, chicken, pork for grilling, stir frys, soups, etc
    Plain ground beef for easy to fix meals a few lbs.

    Usually a few frozen pizzas, fish from my fishing trips in the spring and fall, deer from the FIL's hunting season (we clean and package all the meat ourselves), etc.

    Some desserts such as various berry adn fruit coblers, frozen cookie, brownie and cakes ready to heat and serve.

    Frozen mashed and twice baked potates I get a 10-15 lbs at a time and do them all at once.

    We purchased a bunch of glass pyrex dishes in a few sizes (actually about 35 of them from walmart tehy came in 3 packs for $15 and then some extras for certain sizes) this allows us to take meals straight from the deep freeze to the oven and have meals ready to go in a couple hours time. It is a huge time saver as I can do all my cooking in one day every couple of months.

    So the $300 for hte upright 7 Cu Ft deepfreeze on sale for $100 off and about $300 in pyrex has saved us a ton of money in the long run as we hardly eat out except for special occasions maybe one or twice a month and teh pyrex should last forever.

    Link to the Pyrex we purchased:


    Time to write a blog about this.


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